When you’re feeling a little wobbly. Tribe Conference 2017

You’re about to walk into a room of 270 where you don’t know a single human.

You’re feeling a little wobbly.

Nervous and excited and hopeful.

Hopeful that the people in this room are YOUR tribe.

You feel a connection with some of them because they have shared their stories online.

They were vulnerable and generous.  They showed you a piece of their heart.  You got a good look at their values.

And you wanted what they have.

A chance to share your words with a wider world.

A chance to impact at the deepest level.

A chance to make a living by sharing.

Because these people and their words have already marked you indelibly.

Take Jeff Goins’ 500 words a day challenge, for example.


I’d been blogging about a year when I took the challenge.  I was having problems posting consistently and I thought 500 words a day would help.
So, I started and found 500 words a day was pretty easy to hit.  Sometimes I could do it in 20 minutes.
The first result I noticed was I started posting on my blog LESS often– once month down from once or twice a week.
The second result was a marked improvement in my emotional health.
In order to get 500 words a day in quickly, I was brain dumping– stream of consciousness writing.  Scattered thoughts, random rabbit trails, whatever was on my mind.  Not focused, one topic writing good for blog posts.
But I was less angry, less depressed, more grateful.
After four months, I started to wonder if I just needed to journal and not be posting to the world.
Then I started mining the ramblings to develop into blog posts.
I started using part of the 500 words directed to specific posts and the remainder to whatever was on my mind.
I started spending fifteen minutes a day on editing, picking photos and all the non-writing tasks needed for my blog.
I still have lots of tweaks to make to the creative process, but I don’t ever want to go back to a life when I’m not writing at least 500 words a day.
500 words a day changed my life.
It hit number one on my list of  What’s Saving My Life Right Now.
And that’s just one example.


So, you step into the room.  And you fasten your badge onto your lanyard. And you ask if this seat is taken.

And it all begins.

And it’s just as exhilarating as you’d hoped.

And you knew it was okay to be where you are in the journey– stumbling, stalled, hopeful.

They had been there too.


Interested in finding out more about Tribe Conference?  Check it out.



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