Welcome to Purple Crayon Your World!

I’m Beth  and I love to read.

Sometimes I have trouble finding books that I love. Maybe you do too?   Separating the wheat from the chaff can be difficult.

I also struggle with juggling the responsibilities in my life, hoping the balls I’m dropping are rubber, not glass.  So, I’m always on the lookout for resources to live my life better:  small, incremental changes or immense, sweeping changes.

I think Harold and his purple crayon are on to something.  I believe God gave us the creativity to reimagine our story with a different ending.

I was born to nomadic parents who finally settled and put down roots.  But just as they became permanent fixtures, I married a nomad and we started zinging from place to place like the ball in a pinball machine.

I am a wanderer, far from home.  A pilgrim.  A sojourner.  A restless, foot-weary seeker of the way.  Searching for peace and rest.

Home is where the heart is.  My heart is stretched across continents.

I am a home-builder.  Building little lives, trying to keep body and soul together, big & little.

I am the fragile life-nurturer.  From helpless to strong shoulder to lean on, I watch him grow.  I marvel at the miracle. I thrill to play a part.

I am a searcher of beauty–in well-crafted words, in lights and shadows, in pleasing scenes and colors.

I am a pedaler on a tandem bicycle.  Unable to ride off on my own, not desiring to most of the time.

I am God-hungry.  Longing for the thirst-quenching touch of the Divine.

I am the dark cloud walker, plodding one step after another after another after another.  Believing that there still exists a sun, and my face will feel its warmth again someday.