How to be a Better Home Maker: Best Online Advice

Managing the home is an under rated skill.

Paralysis and depression sets in when you feel like you’re doing a terrible job and can’t dig yourself out. 

What causes stress for you? Is it drop in company? When you can’t find things? Missed deadlines? Calendar conflicts? Chronic disorganization or overwhelm? There are answers. Some of the gurus have figured it out and know how to teach it.

Home management is closely aligned to budgeting which is closely aligned to life purposes and goals. 

They all ultimately impact each other. 

That’s why this list covers all these areas. 

My top two picks on how to be a better homemaker are Rosemarie Groner and Kendra Adachi. Kendra Adachi has written a couple of best sellers packed with her universal principles for managing everything. Rosemarie Groner has helped millions of women organize their homes and budgets.  

Can’t keep up with piles of dishes, laundry and bills? Rosemarie Groner

She has been able to address housekeeping and budget issues at the level of motivation. This is what is most helpful and where other gurus fail. 

The guilt and shame aren’t helping. 

Figuring out how to reward yourself, how to push through the boring grind of repetitive tasks, how to know when stop working and then rest without guilt. These are the key areas where she shines, dealing with budget and housekeeping at the psychological level. 

What Rosemarie has going for her is understanding the psychology behind the actions and the need for built in rewards.

She teaches daily routines doing only the minimum.

Have trouble managing time or setting priorities? Kendra Adachi

Kendra’s strength is universal principles to manage the overwhelming amount of juggling that most women do. 

Her tagline is helping you be a genius about what matters and lazy about the things that don’t. 

She helps you name what matters so you can concentrate on that and let everything else go. 

The ability to prioritize is what keeps us from analysis paralysis when we get stuck.

The real nuggets of insight come from The Lazy Genius Podcast. Instagram show pictures of her life and gets the LG community involved. And, offline, her books lay out the principles the old fashioned way. 

Can’t reach financial goals or struggle with money management? Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze

All the best systems in the world won’t work if you can’t stay motivated to be consistent. 

Dave Ramsey has tapped into this secret of motivation with his debt snowball. His advice is to list all your debts from smallest to largest and pay off the smallest first. 

Financially, it makes sense to pay off the debts with highest interest first. 

But, psychologically, Dave Ramsey understands that humans need the encouragement of consistent wins, of making visible progress that keeps you motivated to keep going. 

His well known baby steps help people get out of debt and start saving for retirement.

His daughter, Rachel Cruze, is good at making practical applications of the principles of money management that made Ramsey Solutions famous. The Rachel Cruze Show is packed with tips and advice.

Looking for practical life skills hacks? Ruth Soukup

Ruth Sukup’s blog, Living Well Spending Less is crammed with tips, tricks, hacks and recipes. She has advice for saving money, spending money and making money. 

She covers home organization tips, time management, decluttering, productivity and losing weight. Lots of help in so many areas. 

Need help saving money on groceries or finding deals? Crystal Paine

Crystal Paine shares a lot about her life story on her podcast and on instagram. Infertility, foster parenting and adoption are all part of her story. 

But her trademark advice has to do with stretching the food dollar and finding super deals on everything for the family. Her blog Money Saving Mom is the best place to find shopping tips and deals. 

If you’re more interested in her family and personal life, follow her on Instagram. Parenting advice, life hacks and book recommendations can be found on the podcast that she co-hosts with her husband The Crystal Paine Show

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