Why The Lazy Genius Way Feels Like a Giant Exhale

In easy to digest, bite sized pieces, Kendra Adachi lays out the rationale and outline for living life as a Lazy Genius. “Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesn’t and Get Stuff Done, ” according to the subtitle.

Kendra gives you a framework for making your life work for you. Heavy on insight and low on guilt. Feeling like a failure doesn’t help. Getting clear on what’s important is a critical first step. She calls it naming what matters. 

In the forward, Emily P. Freeman says “being a Lazy Genius is not about doing things the right way but about finally finding your own way.” 

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The Lazy Genius Way is Guilt Free

Mom Guilt is worse than ever. We know more than we ever did before. We have access to more information at our fingertips. We see pictures everyday on social media of friends, acquaintances and celebrities who are killing it in the areas where we struggle. 

So, getting permission to let some things go, to relax our expectations, to be okay with who we are feels like a giant exhale because finally the pressure’s off. The goal is no longer elusive, it’s attainable. 

No more guilt. 

The Lazy Genius Way is an Easy Read

I read The Lazy Genius Way in two days. 

The bridging the gap between author and audience, when a writer does the lion’s share of the work to communicate, the work of the reader is a breeze. 

Kendra Adachi’s writing is clear, concise and funny. 

The Lazy Genius Ways Uncovers the Root of the Life Management Problem

I was drawn to the premise of this book and the foundational insight that “getting it together” is going to look different for you than it does for me. 

I’ve often wondered why, after 3 decades of adulting, I’m still fighting the laundry wars. 

Now I know. 

The things that matter most take precedence over the things that matter least. Laundry always needs to be done. It’s never the most important thing in my life. 

Be a genius about the things that matter most and be lazy about things that don’t is the Lazy Genius Way.

Striving towards big hairy audacious goals might work for business but isn’t the model to follow when your biggest objectives are harmony in the home or transferring your values to the next generation. 

Naming what matters as advocated by Kendra is an important first step. 

Paradigm shift is overused, but that describes it. Call it creating a new mindset, seeing things differently or approaching life management without the guilt. 

The Lazy Genius Way Lets Go of the Frustration of not Achieving

Much of the self-help literature focuses on setting goals, trying harder and accomplishing more. So, resting and relaxing? Feels pretty good. 

It’s a different mindset, a different way to look at things. It’s permission to be imperfect, even to fail and be okay with it. 

The Lazy Genius Way Outlines Transferable Principles

One reason self-help books often don’t help is that they don’t have universal principles that are transferable. Getting up early, exercising or meditating first thing in the morning doesn’t work for everyone. 

Kendra outlines principles that are transferable— Start Small, Decide Once, Ask the Magic Question, Go in the Right Order and Schedule Rest. And that’s just the beginning.

The Lazy Genius Way Acknowledges Your Season 

I’ve read some idealistic books and thought, what if you have to care for a parent or a special needs child or you’re fighting for your own health? Then these things don’t work. 

There’s some seasons of life when you don’t get enough sleep and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Even though I’m in a different season than Kendra and the stories and illustrations from her life don’t match mine, I’m still able to walk away with some applicable principles. The tips and examples help me them in action.  

What’s my biggest takeaway?


On the days when I feel I can’t get off the hamster wheel and I’m not making forward progress, there’s hope. 

I love books that help me create a better life. 22 Exceptional Books Focused on Life Change are some of my favorite.

Books like Atomic Habits is another great list of helpful books.

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