What’s Saving My Life Right Now: Vitamin D, Walk at Home, Jesus Calling and Book Lists


Linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy for mid-winter life-savers.

Vitamin D

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I got the idea to start taking vitamin D from an off-hand comment by my GYN’s nurse.  I started doing some online research and came to the conclusion that it might help my migraines.  I’m convinced that it’s helping, coupled with managing the symptoms.


Leslie Sansone’s Walking Video

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Since I started working more (and started blogging) and sent our resident chauffeur to college, going to the gym became impossible.

Since there’s no travel time and no packing a gym bag, my whole workout time is 15 minutes a day.  That’s a big time savings for me.

I bought the package that has the stretchy bands.  Some days I use them, some days I don’t.


Jesus Calling

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Stress is a way of life:  too many irons in the fire– spinning too many plates–juggling too many balls.  Deadlines, physical limitations, expectations and setbacks can get me down.  It’s easy to get discouraged.

I’ve only recently become aware of how my spiritual disciplines affect me physically:  my mind stops racing, my breathing slows, my heart rate slows.  Among other disciplines, reading Jesus Calling has this effect.

Sarah Young wrote her daily devotional as if Jesus were speaking to her, addressing her directly.   So, it’s read almost like a personal letter from Jesus Himself.

One of the common themes in Jesus Calling is, “Trust Me”.  Relax, don’t stress.  I’m in control.  I have a plan.  You don’t have to worry about your resources or your plans to make things work.  Peace is a gift I offer to you.

These are words I need to hear.  They are saving my life right now.


Best of 2015 Book Lists


I love books lists anyway.

Suddenly, this month, gleaning from the “best of” lists, the books I’ve picked up are fantastic.  So much fun after years of slim pickings when searching for books I love.

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What’s saving your life?


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