What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Winter challenges are real.  Cold is a pervasive enemy.

I need all the help I can get.

Linking up at Modern Mrs. Darcy to share what’s saving my life right now.

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Couch to 5K app

I’ve fallen off the exercise bandwagon countless times and climbed back on again countless times.

It always helps me to have a plan.

This program is new for me and, also new, is the goal to run a 5K in March.

I paid $2.99 to get this app for my phone.  It’s a 3 times a week workout plan for 9 weeks.

It starts slow, alternating a minute or two of running and walking.

And just like a rocket overcoming gravity, getting started was harder than I imagined.

Now, in the messy middle, the novelty has worn off and the end is not in sight.

But I’m still hopeful about staying the course and finishing strong.

The Pillars in My Week

Knowing I can count on certain events every week gives my life a stability I need.

Posting weekly on the Five Minute Friday page.

Mom’s prayer group on Tuesdays.

Family night on Wednesdays.

Worship on Sundays.

I need the structure and predictability that these anchors in my life provide.

It’s hard for me not to know what’s happening next. I love going to conferences and seeing a printed schedule to know ahead of time what I’ll be doing for every hour of the conference.

I don’t do well with unpredictability in life. I love it in my novels, though.

So, yeah, the pillars in my week are comforting.

Daily Keyboard Therapy

Always the therapy.

Tapping out words on the computer every day is critical to my survival.

There are days when everything goes backwards and I can’t pair the laptop with 30 minutes of peace and quiet in order to get my 500 words in.

Sometimes, those days leave me restless and anxious. Itching to get to the keyboard. Feeling like a druggie needing a fix.

Other days when it happens, I’m able to let go. I’ve done some serious tweaking to my morning routine the past few years. Little changes make a huge difference for me. So, it can be hard to handle when things don’t go as planned, but I’m working on it.


Jesus Always 

Buy now from Amazon

Just like Sarah Young’s first daily devotional, Jesus Calling, Jesus Always is written as if Jesus were speaking to you directly.

This volume focuses on joy. Who couldn’t use more joy?

For me, pausing deliberately for gratitude makes a world of difference.

So often, it’s just perspective. Nothing changes in our circumstances except our attitude.

I’m glad I went with the large print edition this time because you don’t have to look up the Bible verses .  They are printed out after each daily reading.

What’s saving your life right now?



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