What I’ve Learned: Lazy Meal Planning, treating Hashimoto’s


I love learning.

I like learning about myself.

I like learning how to make my life better.  It’s encouraging to put into words every month what I’m learning.  Self-awareness is so helpful, because it’s discouraging when life isn’t working.

Linking up with Emily Freeman for another month to share what we’ve learned.

pillsVitamin and mineral supplements plus dietary changes works for treating Hashimoto’s.

Since I found out I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I changed my diet by going gluten-free and added supplements. My headaches have almost been eliminated.  I also having been drinking kefir more in an effort to heal my gut.  I have seen an increase in energy, although I’d love to see more improvement there.

I’ve added iron pills and liquid zinc to my supplement routine.  Wow, is liquid zinc nasty.  I’m going to have to be really convinced that it’s helping or I won’t be able to keep up with it for long.

Make Over Your Evening with Crystal Paine.

This is the first time I’ve ever bought a course like this.  I watched all the videos in the course and read the ebook, but didn’t do all the homework.   Even though I petered out towards the end, I implemented two tweaks (#3 and #5) that have made a huge difference.  One thing I loved about this course was the time spent evaluating and assessing before coming up with a new evening routine.

Five things I’ve learned about making over my evening routine:

  1. Count the cost before purchasing a course.  This means money.  This means time.  This means focus. Honestly, I got my money’s worth with Make Over Your Evening.
  2. I’ve learned from other people’s stories:  Sarah Wright at the Orthodox Mama has impressive discipline and daily routines.  Victoria at Snail Pace Transformations has been insightful and encouraging too, especially when my blog didn’t grow as fast as I’d hoped it would.letters
  3. Little tweaks make a difference, but sometimes you have to do them with a lot of understanding. One thing that emerged was how much I hated the paper clutter on my counter.  Mail tends to stack up there and I can’t ever seem to get on top of it.  Two simple changes have made all the difference: processing mail in the morning instead of the evening plus setting the timer for three minutes.   I just don’t have what it takes to deal with the mail in the evening.  It’s too overwhelming.  Instead, I set my timer for three minutes while my eggs are cooking in the morning. (I turn down the eggs so they cook slower).  I use that time to process the mail and put away paper clutter.  Presto!  What an easy solution, but one that has eluded me for years.
  4. I also pinpointed a frustration and a resolve to change it.  It bothers me when my environment is not beautiful.  Especially when I don’t have the energy or resources to change it and I just have to put up with it.  Just identifying this frustration has helped.  Slowly I can make the changes.  One small thing at a time.
  5. Another thing that emerged was that I wanted dessert to be part of my evening.  When life is overwhelming and getting supper on the table and cleaned up is all that you can handle, dessert gets nixed.  But, my work hours are changing for the summer: I’m getting off earlier.  So, I’m planning to invest that time in making supper and dessert.  Healthy desserts, of course.  This a plan I can get into.

Get Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Evening course here.  (Affiliate link–at no extra cost to you, a percentage of your purchase will support this site)


How to do the laziest meal planning ever:

I’ve been struggling and failing at meal planning for months now.  I used to be good at it.  I used to enjoy it.  But, lately, I haven’t been force myself to do it at all.  So here’s the compromise:  I got down our big wall calendar and wrote down the meat or protein for every supper of the month.  Then, the next day, I got out all the meat for the month from our chest freezer in the laundry room and arranged it in the bottom section of our refrigerator freezer.  Now, when I leave for work in the morning, I pull out the meat to thaw.  I don’t always know what to do with it when I get home, or what my sides will be.  But, in a pinch, I can fry it on the stove, add rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables or salad.  Boom.  Lazy meal planning.

What are have you learned this month?

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