What I’ve Learned in 2015

Steep learning curve in 2015 for me.  I’m thankful for what I’ve learned and the difference it has made for me.

Relief from Migraine Pain.

I realize that there are many types of migraines and many different sources.  Mine appear to be cyclical and related to low estrogen.

But, for treatment of the symptoms, I’ve been seeing the most relief from liquid children’s ibuprofen (because I have trouble swallowing pills) and caffeine.  I’m not a coffee drinker.  At, least, I haven’t been.  But, my husband’s been fixing it for me with his new coffee press.  With real cream and a stevia blend, it ranges from not bad to almost good, depending on the brand.

I also have been buying zevia in the six pack at Kroger.  At 67 cents a can, it’s not a great price for pop, but pretty cheap for medicine. Honestly, these taste pretty awful.  (Not every flavor contains caffeine.  You have to check.)  The least awful seems to be cherry cola.  But, they do the trick.  That’s what counts.  They are sweetened with stevia.


It’s hard to know what is working, but I’m also taking iodine and vitamin D.  I’ve also noticed that I feel better when I stay hydrated and exercise.

The Wonderful World of Blogging

Main lesson: you can’t just be in it for the money.

Second main lesson: it’s a lot of work.


I’m finding that traditional online magazines lack the personal touch that blogs have.  Bloggers have been able to connect with readers in a way that traditional writers haven’t, even columnists who write editorials.  I find their writing to be more compelling than e zines, which just don’t feel personable.

The amazing thing is, bloggers are able to make you feel like you know them.  They share personal things.  They might look like a one man show– even if they have a paid staff of 15.

The bloggers I’ve been following for a while are Anne Bogel, Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Ann Voskamp.  New ones are Amy Porterfield, David Siteman Garland, Jeff Goins, Emily Freeman, Darren Rowse, Ruth Sukop, Crystal Paine, Sarah Titus.

The Mentalist, Seasons 1 through 5.


We’ve been binge watching the Mentalist, checked out from the Library.

It’s a detective show, with a genius at the helm and compelling team working with him.

I’ve been trying to analyze the pull for us and I think it has to do with the psychological aspects of the show.  What motivates people to do evil things?  How can you stay compassionate rather than cynical in a world of evil?  Does the end justify the means? Can you do wrong things to bring the bad guys to justice?  What if you’re willing to pay the consequences?  Ethical questions that people struggle with every day, just magnified.

The Power of Habit.


Big changes in my life from implementing the principles from the Power of Habit.

Read about it here and here.


What have you learned this year?



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