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Today I turn 49.

Twenty-nine years ago today, Pete and I got engaged.

This year’s anniversary is bittersweet, because I lost my diamond last month.  It forces me to think about what really matters in life.  Ultimately, it’s not a rock, but the relationship: the partnership that birthed four humans and launched them into the world.  (Okay, we’re still launching . . . but getting close to “launched”).  The tangible ring is a symbol of the intangible: a marriage.


Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

We rarely give up on a movie in the middle, but this one felt like a horror film meets Groundhog Day, so we turned it off.  I liked the first Maze Runner movie, so this was a disappointment.

BoysintheBoatYoung Buy it now from Amazon

Boys in the Boat, Young Readers Edition

I originally checked out the print version of The Boys in the Boat to read to my 16-year-old. When that had to go back, I checked out the e-version.  When that was returned, there were no more copies available of the book.  So, I checked out the young readers edition.  I liked it even better than the one written for adults, at least for reading aloud.

A huge takeaway for me from this book was the critical element of trust in teamwork.  I already believed it.  But seeing it played out in real life, it was re-inforced in a new way.



Make Over Your Evenings with Crystal Paine

I love what I’m learning about myself in this course.  I love that it only takes 15 minutes a day.  I thought I couldn’t add new habits to my life till I got a good foundation with the other ones.  But, I’ve discovered even hit and miss has it’s advantages. Thinking things through and changing mindsets has made a difference for me.  Organization has not been as much a time issue as an energy and motivation issue.  Challenging some of that thinking has been good for me.

Of course, it helps a lot that I’m feeling better and have more energy.  Lethargy does not help in getting things done.

Since discovering that I have Hashimotos, I’ve made some changes in my diet.

I’m so thankful to see an improvement in my health.  It’s wonderful not to be having the headaches I was having before.

Izabella Wentz and Josh Axe have published quite a bit of nutritional advice for dealing with Hashimoto’s and I’m benefitting from their advice.


The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave cracks me up the way he interacts with his guests.  He almost has a Dr. Phil approach to stupidity.  But, I love his principles. I think Dave has a lot of good answers.  I believe it’s hard for us to change our beliefs and the way we think about money.

People in general don’t make good decisions about money because they let other influences cloud their good judgement.


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