What I’m Into: Food is Culture and Great Read Alouds

March has been an unusual month.  Pete and I went to Peru at the beginning of the month then spent a couple of days in Mexico before coming home.  Getting back into routine after our trip has been a bear.  But, time away from home meant more time to read!

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Penderwicks Buy it now from Amazon

The Penderwicks

I loved reading The Penderwicks so much last month that I decided to read it out loud to the teens in my car pool.  It’s getting chuckles and snickers from the teens and more enjoyment for me the second time around.

I appreciate the great values and the timeless feel of the book.  I also love how she captures the quirkiness of childhood.  Plus, I can’t get away from feeling the word “whimsy” sums it up the best.

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Boys in the Boat

I’m reading this out loud to my 16-year-old son, and appreciating it at a deeper level the second time around.  Joe Rantz is my hero.  His life story goes to prove you can be a winner even if life dealt you a crummy hand.


International travel means new culinary experiences and some reflections on food as culture.


Another series on Your Move with Andy Stanley, Breathing Room.  The idea here is don’t max yourself out.  Arrange your schedule, your finances and your life with some breathing room.

It reminds me of one my all time favorite books, Margin by Richard Swenson.  It’s a book that made an impact on me years ago and sill influences my thinking regularly.

Margin Buy it now from Amazon

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What are you into this month?

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