What I Learned January 2016: Frog Eating, Goal Setting, Vacation and What Makes Me Happy

Frog eating, goal setting, vacation and what makes me happy.

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About Frog Eating

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I’m not sure when  I started telling my kids, “Do the worst first,”  but it wasn’t till recently that I realized that it was essentially “frog eating”.  Brian Tracy, in his book Eat That Frog!  quotes Mark Twain by saying “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, it will likely be the worst thing you’ll do all day.”

(Read a full review of the book here.)

It’s so true.  I try to do my frog eating as soon as possible in the day.  Not only are the rest of the tasks of the day easier, but there’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment for having wrestled with a  tiger and won.

For me, cold calls and sales calls at the bookstore are frog eating.  I have to psych myself up to do them, but I’m so much happier when I follow through instead of bailing.

About Goal Setting


Just when I was about to give up on goal setting altogether and throw it over, a few bits of advice from bloggers and a few tweaks to my approach have renewed my hope. Here’s the problems I face and my tweaks:

  1. No accountability.  I set up a secret Facebook group and invited five people to have access.   Just knowing there are eyeballs my goals helps, plus I now have feedback.
  2. Goals are written in a notebook and forgotten.  I wrote my goals on a spreadsheet and imported it to my Facebook group page.  Whenever I achieve one or two goals, I update the document and repost.
  3. Making year long goals was daunting.  I concentrated instead on 90 day goals.  (Credit for this idea goes to Todd Herman )  Thinking only 90 days out really sharpened my focus and helped me set goals that were achievable in the short term.
  4. Too many goals in too many areas.  I purposely limited myself to 5-7 goals.  That’s doable.  (This idea came from Michael Hyatt.)  Most of the time, I’m only working on one or two at a time.  It’s easier to eat elephants when you take them one at a time.  And, with such a narrow focus, it’s easier to keep them in mind.

About My Health


I’ve had fewer migraines in the last two months than in the past.  I chalk it up to incorporating more Vitamin D into my diet and managing the symptoms.  I’m hoping in the near future I can get answers about what’s happening with my health.  Stay tuned.

About Vacation


I’ve been planning for months to take a week of vacation in January.  I am in a difficult season in work and life and looking forward to vacation helps get me through the hard days.

I’m disappointed virtually every vacation because my expectations are too high. This year was no exception.  I expect to fully rest and be highly productive.  The plan was to take a full week off of work.  But, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to work Saturday.  And, there were projects that didn’t go as planned, so I ended up working Tuesday and Wednesday, as well.

In hindsight,  I should have pushed harder in the weeks leading up to my vacation to get my projects done earlier.  I was focusing on specific goals, letting other things slide and enjoying some rare afternoons off.

After my husband and I left town on Wednesday night, the situation drastically improved.  I was able to fully rest and be highly productive.

One more thing we learned: do research on your movies before you hit Redbox.  Of the four movies we rented– two we didn’t watch and two we wished we hadn’t.  With Redbox, it’s not much money down the drain, but four hours of our lives are irrecoverable.  We should’ve read reviews first.

About What Makes Me Happy


I already knew books made me happy.  Now I know that working on graphics makes me happy, too.

Shout out to pixabay for free high quality images that don’t require attribution.

Happy Winter, everyone!

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What makes you happy?

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