What I Learned February 2016: Short-circuiting the Struggle, Flexibility and List Making


About Short-Circuiting the Struggle

This past year I’ve read and listened to scads of advice from people who’ve made it big in blogging or business.  I’ve noticed some variations on the theme, “Here’s how I made it big.  Here’s the shortcuts so you can do it, too.”

Although I firmly believe in standing on the shoulders of others and learning from their mistakes, I doubt that if we take the shortcuts we will have the same success.  I think it’s the struggle that makes us stronger.  It’s the failure and the perseverance and the lessons learned that eventually pays off. It’s the practice that makes us good.

I’ve heard that if you cut a butterfly out of his chrysalis, he will die.  It is the struggle to emerge from the imprisonment that strengthens his wings for survival as a butterfly.

If you short-circuit the struggle, you short-circuit success.  The struggle makes us stronger. There are no short cuts.  Everyone has to put it the work.





About Flexibility

I’ve been so excited this past year to implement some new habits in my life and have more consistency in every day routines.  Reading The Power of Habit inspired me to make some changes in my life to better implement the habits I wanted to establish.  I’ve probably started a new exercise routine dozens of times in the past couple of decades.

The past few weeks have been very inconsistent and very “unroutine”.

There is some value in flexing to the need of the moment.  Somehow, I have to figure out how to be consistent and flexible.

listsAbout list-making

When I get stressed, I make lists.

In the super stressful month of December, I made lists.  January was less stressful.  I made fewer.  Now, as we’re getting ready to leave for a two week trip to Peru, I’m making them like crazy.  I had three lists going at the same time last week.

Lists do help me stay focused.  I’m more productive.  I stay on task better.

Somehow I need to incorporated them better into my non-stressful days.  I also need to build a better bridge from my goals to my lists.  I’ve been so happy with the tweaks I made to my goal setting in 2016.  Now to tweak the implementation of the goals.

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What have you learned this month?

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