What Difference Does It Make Now?


Yesterday I was angry.

Today I’m sad.

I’m sad for all the deceived masses that are ignorant of the freedoms they are losing.  I’m sad for the the Judeo-Christian values that are disappearing.  I’m sad that honor and integrity are no longer hallmarks of the leaders of this country.  I’m sad that voters no longer think that character counts.

I’m sad for my kids and (hopefully future) grandkids and the future of tyranny and oppression that they will know in their lifetime.

I’m sad for the people who made sacrifices for the freedoms that we enjoy and those that have squandered those freedoms by entitlement, privilege and neglect.

There were a minority in Hitler’s Germany who came to see him for who he was.  There were some brave citizens who tried unsuccessfully to oppose him.   Meanwhile, the masses were deceived.  Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

The founders of our country saw the pitfalls and injustices from the rule of governments throughout history.  They endeavored to establish a rule that would avoid these oppressive, dictatorial regimes.  Safeguards and checkpoints were established to diffuse power.  Freedom of the press was established to provide accountability for those in office.  The right to bear arms allowed the average citizen to protect not only what was his, but also to protect himself from an oppressive government.

I’m sad for young people who do not understand communism, socialism, capitalism and what difference it makes for them in every day life.  I’m sad for people who are immune to the suffering inflicted around the world by evil and oppressive governments.

I love my country.  This is why I’m sad.


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