What bloggers can learn from Fred Rogers

I’m fascinated by the life of Fred Rogers.  I admire what he accomplished and what he stood for.      He was a creative genius, for sure.  But, I think it’s safe to say that his driving motivation wasn’t to build a following or become rich and famous.

Fred Rogers is best known for his decades long running show for children on PBS called Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

What is less well known is that he was a Presbyterian minister.

It’s interesting that he built his show around “neighbor”, probably more than a nod to the Good Samaritan.

He was intrigued by the medium of television.

But, he purposely focused on one child.  He talked to one child every day.

Building a following after all, is just one person plus one person multiplied a lot of times.

If you have a passion to communicate something, that passion will build something. If you focus on one person, and touch them deeply with your message, chances are, you can scale it, and touch lots of people.

I think we can learn from that.

It’s easy to look at people who have a  huge following and forget that they are touching one person at a time.  That is especially true for blogging.

Of course, you do have the interesting dynamic of a group of fans of the same person, especially if they show up in person in the same room.




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