War Room DVD Release Date; and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

December 22, 2015 is the confirmed release date for the War Room DVD.


What are reviewers saying about War Room?

Christianity Today

“Lazy Writing, Cheap Restoration” is the title of Kenneth R Morefield’s article about War Room.

“College English professors teach their freshmen a common axiom: if you pick a thesis for your argument that nobody could, or does, disagree with, it’s a bad thesis for a paper.

That goes for films, too. In this case, the thesis is that ‘prayer changes things.’ It just does. End of story.

Christian Films frequently avoid controversy by being innocuous. They smooth the edges and elide the elements of our faith that we struggle with or argue about. This is a problem.”

Morefield outlines the problems he sees that the story falls short as a good fiction piece.  See more here.

Rotten Tomatoes

Out of 30 reviews, 11 were positive and 19 negative.  However, audience ratings were much higher, 90 % rating 3.5 or above on a 4 point scale. See more here.

The movie was number two at the box office on opening weekend, and hit the number one spot  the next weekend, Labor Day Weekend.  “Holdovers led as the low-budget faith-based hit War Room rose from second to first place thanks in part to a 34 percent boost in screens. The Sony title grossed an estimated $9.4 million, off 18 percent, and raised its total to $24.7 million. It only cost $3.5 million to produce but may reach about $50 million by the end of its run.”  See more here.


Matt Fagerholm takes issue with the movie’s message saying it preaches theology that is black and white and won’t interact with the gray areas.  “It may not be as brazenly offensive as ‘God’s Not Dead’ or as spectacularly inept as ‘Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas,’ but it’s still awful, offering all the forced humor and superficial substance of a half-baked homily.”  See more here.

Huffington Post

Jonathan Merritt headlines, ” ‘War Room’ Has The One Thing Many Christian Films Don’t Have — A Black Cast“.  According to creator, Alex Kendrick, “There is an element to the way we tell this story that has power and desperation that would be different if we tried to tell it any other way.”

Merritt notes,” ‘War Room’ was produced on a $3 million budget and is expected to make much more in ticket sales. The Kendrick brothers’ films have always earned back their budgets. Their last movie, ‘Courageous,’ for example, was produced for $2 million and earned $34.5 million in box office receipts to become one of the most successful independent films of 2011.”  See more here.

Plugged In

Adam R. Holz admits to some “cinematic idealization”, but still feels the message is valid. “So what War Room does effectively is model what it really looks like to create space for prayer in our lives amid the real struggles that inevitably conspire to crowd it out.” See more here.

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Have you seen War Room?  What did you think?


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