THM Challenge Week 4 Update: Lessons from Failure


One month later, the scale says the same as when I started.

This is not the result I was hoping for.

A few thoughts on room for improvement:

First of all, I was trying to make changes in too many different areas of my life.  Something was bound to suffer.

Secondly, even though I was trying to focus on the process, not results, I didn’t break it down into manageable steps, such as:  1) planning menus 2) keeping a food diary 3) staying on plan each day.

Thirdly, I do believe there are some health issues going on that have affected my ability to lose weight.

Finally, others on this journey have recommended that you take measurements as well as before and after pictures, and not rely solely on the scale.

 Here’s the truth that’s so hard to accept:  Numbers DO NOT define me.


There’s a human tendency to look at numbers and become prideful and self-reliant.  Or, to become discouraged and despondent.  Or to compare with others, favorably or unfavorably.

It’s so easy to be on a emotional roller coaster based on what the numbers say: Good numbers make you happy.  Bad numbers depress you.  It’s amazing how many numbers we look at– on the scale, at the bank, medical test results, achievements of all kinds.

I see this problem in our business.  When the numbers are good, I feel good.  I feel good about my efforts, my abilities, who I am as a person.  When the numbers aren’t good, my self-worth suffers.

But basing our emotions, and even worse, our self-worth on numbers is a trap.

As difficult as can be, or worth must be based on our identity in Christ.

I will try again to be consistent with THM.  Probably in April.

Until then, I’m focusing on others areas of my life, where the numbers are good–so I can feel good about myself.  Right?

What areas of your life do you struggle with the numbers? 

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