THM Challenge Update Week 1


Surprisingly, I have lost 2.8 pounds since I began my challenge.  It’s surprising because I have not done a good job of planning my meals.  But, just a couple of tweaks in my normal routine have been enough to make the difference, I guess.

Another surprise is that I haven’t had chocolate cravings since I began and haven’t eaten any chocolate all week.  I usually stick to dark chocolate and have gotten to the point where that tastes sweet to me.  But, I haven’t eaten any of that or really wanted to, either.

In a nutshell, the Trim Healthy Mama plan is eating a meal or a snack every three hours that includes protein and fats or protein and carbs.   What you’re trying to avoid is pairing fats and carbs at the same time which results in stored calories instead of burned calories.  Briana Thomas has a great summary of the plan for newbies.

I’ve gone off plan twice.

I haven’t been hungry at night.  When I’ve been tempted to eat sooner than three hours, I try to get something to drink.  It hasn’t been that hard to wait.

It’s encouraging to see results (on the scales and non-scale victories) even when I haven’t been 100% all in like I would prefer to be.  Three and half weeks to go.




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