The Power of Habit, Part 3



Overall, I’ve been pleased with my experiment to establish new habits in my life.

I have been able to add a new one every 28 days and still keep up with the old ones.  Knowing that I can add more habits in the future–just not now– helps me to be patient with the areas of my life that are not where I want them to be.  It will come– eventually.

I’ve added a 15 minute daily walking workout to my routine.  Even though I’ve not seen dramatic changes from adding this habit, there have been some subtle ones.

One thing I still struggle with is getting my “reward” after establishing a new discipline.  The earliest I can get done with my routines is 6:20.  By that time in the morning, there is often responsibilities I have to address, so getting in an hour of reading for fun is difficult.

Another thing I’m coming to terms with is skipping a day.  For the past three months, if I woke up with a headache, I’d still get out of bed at 5, (and have devotions, write for a half hour, exercise) and then go back to bed.

But, now,  when I wake up with a headache, I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

I have to believe that my body has adjusted to getting up at 5 and that one day off won’t kill that habit.

I must admit, though, the next day takes a lot more self-discipline.  I’m there right now.  The day after.  I’m so tired.  It’s hard to keep going.

This morning in my Bible study, I was reading about the pain and humiliation that Christ endured.  His path was exponentially more difficult.  He didn’t want to drink that cup.  But He pushed through.  We will receive our rewards if we persevere.  Even our frail, imperfect efforts will be rewarded.

May God grant us the grace to be faithful.


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