Power of Habit, Part 2

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After 28 days in a row of getting up (and out of bed) at 5:45, I’m 15 days into my next habit:  getting out of bed at 5 am.

I am currently using the same reward: one hour of fun reading.  As an interesting twist of fate in the last six weeks of “getting up discipline” is that the time changed.  One hour of Spring Forward means my body is confronting even more inertia.  Some days are harder than others, but I think my body is getting used to the new routine.

I’ve also implemented a weekly review of our budget.  Keeping up with our personal (and business) finances can be overwhelming.  But, I have high hopes that 28 weeks in a row of budget review will make a significant difference.

I’m looking forward to implementing the next few habits . . .


The Power of Habit

Discipline is a good thing, though not on par with loving God and loving people.  It feels good to keep promises to yourself.

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What has worked for you in establishing new habits?


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