One in a Million Boy Book Review

One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood

This novel is brilliantly written.  The quirky characters are so relatable. The story is the unlikely friendship between an eleven year old boy and a 104 year old woman.  And, yet, it’s so much more than that.  It’s about human connection.

What makes a marriage work?  How does a parent relate to an unusual child?  How do you grieve an incomprehensible loss? What makes life worth living?

It makes you ponder the meaning of life:  what is the value of a life? Why do some people live lots of years and others not so many?  What matters most in life?

High and lofty themes, yet this novel wrestles with them well.

Any book that does that makes an A+ in my book.  It doesn’t glorify immorality, though it doesn’t take much of a stand for moral living, either.  That issue, plus a little bit of language makes me hesitant to recommend it to young people, but I highly recommend it for the discerning adult.

There is also a touch of sadness and mystery woven throughout the story. I’m coming to believe that every great story is a mystery.  That is what keeps you turning pages.

There’s a cross-cultural element as well, which I love.



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