One Changed Life



In ReBoren, Marc Thomas Eckel novelizes  the life of John Boren, former Kosciusko County Jail Chaplain.

John appeared to be living a good Christian life, but he was harboring secret sins.  His heart hadn’t been transformed.  He successfully deceived those closest to him.  But, after conviction of sin, his transformation was total.  His executed an unparalleled plan for confession and restitution.

His dedication after this transformation was complete. He started a ministry in the jail. He drove a bucket of bolts on wheels.  He humbly served.  He opened his home to homeless men.  He sought God with fervor.  Even as his body weakened and failed, his faith remained strong.

At John’s funeral, former inmates gave testimony that often John would bring them a candy bar.  This small act of kindness was the undoing for many hardened hearts.

Don’t underestimate the hope and inspiration that the story of one changed life can bring.



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