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War Room DVD

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Pete and I were able to see a pre-screening of War Room before it was released in theaters.  It portrays a powerful message about prayer and has garnered a ground swell of grass roots support.   The DVD released three days before Christmas, and pre-orders and sales spiked that week, but have continued on at a slower rate through February.

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Woodlawn DVD

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I have not seen Woodlawn yet.  (Our regular family night has been pre-empted the past three weeks.)  So, hopefully, it will still be in Redbox next week– or maybe we’ll have some time this weekend, now that football’s over and March Madness hasn’t started yet.

The screen play was based on a true story and centers around a football team and racial tensions in 1973.

Battle Plan for Prayer

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I can’t keep this one in stock.  I haven’t read it, but people buying it keep raving about it and coming back for more.  I sense a desperation that some are feeling with what’s happening in our country and in our world.  A strategic plan for prayer is a way to “do something” when you’re feeling helpless.

It is written by Alex and Stephan Kendrick and it’s a spin-off book of the War Room movie.

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