Is your Identity Discovered or Determined?

Every time I need to write a bio about myself I draw a blank. 

I have a problem trying to write a bio for the simple reason that I don’t know who I am.

Part of it is because I don’t know who I want to be online.  You can’t, after all, be all versions of yourself.  You have to become known for one or two. 

But part of it is a genuine identity crisis rooted in the fact that I’m not sure who I want to become.  

How do I get some clarity on who I am?  How do I describe myself to someone I’ve never met?

Everybody has a lot of pieces to themselves. Maybe global nomads have a few more.

Have you felt the frustration?  The frustration of not knowing who you are?

The realization that before 18, decisions are made for you and then you can start to choose. You can embrace the childhood you didn’t choose and choose the adulthood you want to embrace. You can become who you want to be. You can choose all the pieces of your past that you want to be part of your future.

It’s your choice.

Is it a discovery or a determination?

Certainly, inborn gifts and natural inclinations need to be discovered. God’s leading needs to be sought. But, after all that, your identity can be determined.

You can choose who you will be.

How about what happened when you were in junior high or when you were in fourth grade?  Where you were born and all the experiences of your first eighteen years?

You can embrace that. You can accept it or reject it. You can incorporate it into your future or discard it, knowing it has impacted you, but doesn’t have to define you.

Is your identity discovered or determined?

I suggest both.











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