Flexing the Courage Muscles


Gutless. Spineless. Chicken-livered.

That’s me.

But, every once and while I surprise myself and do something courageous.  Usually I have to gear myself up for it.

A couple of weeks ago I sat in the car for about 10 minutes trying to psych myself up for a difficult conversation.  Writing a script in my head and practicing it helped.  I’ve done this with my kids before phone conversation that they’re dreading.  I give them a script and have them practice it on me.  So, this time, I parented myself.  And it worked. I pulled it off and it went well.

Introverts do better with a script.

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When I first read The Introvert Advantage, I was excited to come across the term “phone phobia”.  There was a name for it.  And others had it.  That very realization helped me deal with it better.

Brené Brown talks a lot about courage.  It’s an essential ingredient for vulnerability.  Vulnerability, in turn, is an essential ingredient for whole-hearted living.  So, flexing those courage muscles is a good thing.  And, amazingly, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

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What about you?  Flexed those courage muscles lately?

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