Five Minute Friday: Why

It’s the Friday after another tragic school shooting.

Closer to home, another week of trying to keep plates spinning.  Good news and bad news all around us.  Trying to keep our emotional balance in the midst of it all.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday Community. Today’s word is why.


It’s the question we ask God when we don’t understand.

It’s the question that tortures us when we can’t make sense of life.

It’s the question that haunts us when our world turns upside down and we can’t catch our breath.

Because trying to understand, trying to make sense of the unknowable is as human as the quest for air to breathe.

We grasp at it.  We struggle at it. We wrestle and fight and cry.

Until peace comes.  Or acceptance.  That we will never know for sure.  That we will never understand.  But it’s still okay.

God is still God.  He is still loving.  In spite of the circumstances.  He grieves with us as a broken world tears at our soul.

Even if we don’t know why.

We can still sit in the cleft of His hand.


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