Five Minute Friday: Vacation Envy

I’ve been MIA from Five Minute Friday due to our youngest son’s high school graduation, our middle son’s wedding an a half century celebration for my husband.

Good stress.

This week’s word prompt is a good reminder to me to be thankful.  Gratitude is a habit that can be developed and can be lost.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write on the word prompt vacation.


Boatloads of articles have been written on the impact of social media on our society.

There’s nothing like scrolling through exotic vacation pictures to stir up feelings of envy.

And, yet, that’s not the intent.  Friends aren’t trying to make you envious.  They’re just sharing the joy.

Which brings me to the struggle of contentment.  Is it okay that someone else has something that you don’t?  Can you still be content with your life?  Or do you want someone else’s?  Can you see the blessings you have without comparing them to others?

Can you develop a attitude of gratitude that allows you to rejoice with those who are joyful?  Even if it isn’t you?

It’s a mindset that can be groomed, with supernatural help.


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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Vacation Envy

  1. Beth Foreman

    Such a good reminder to practice gratitude. I know what you mean about seeing pics of beautiful vacation destinations and that occasional twisted envy. I should remember that when I post my own pictures of the nearby lake and beach I am blessed to enjoy so often! It’s not an away vacation. It’s home for me and my family, and I am thankful. Thanks for sharing. Your FMF neighbor #43.

  2. Jennifer

    Contentment is always a challenge – but being content while rejoicing with others and sharing their joy (over that which you seem to lack) is even a greater challenge. But in so doing, we learn (and deepen our) contentment. Great thoughts to consider this week!

  3. Stephanie

    It’s so hard to not be envious of other people’s “pretty things”. But I think you’re right…with God’s help be can be happy for them and the things they get to experience as well as learn to appreciate what we have.

  4. Bethany Vitaro

    I struggle with this. We rarely take big trips, mostly because we are committed to getting rid of long held student loan debt. BUT, we’re both approaching 40 and it’s very depressing to think that half our lives are gone and there are still so many adventures we want to take, but our children’s medical costs take up much of our disposable income. Yet, you are right, gratitude is the antidote to envy. Instead of frustration that we aren’t yet debt free , I can be grateful that my husband had the opportunity to go to college at age 26, and that that degree has led him to a field of work he enjoys. Instead of resentment about our increasing medical bills, I can be thankful that my children have access to necessary care that keeps them healthy and thriving. I appreciate the important remind.

    1. Beth Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing, Bethany. I feel your struggle. I admire the way you’re able to change perspective to see the blessings.


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