Five Minute Friday: Thirteen

Happy, Friday to you!

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.

Today’s word prompt is thirteen.

I admit I was stumped.  I thought about turning thirteen, the unique teen years and the privilege of parenting teenagers.  Our youngest graduated from high school in June.  He’s 18, so technically we’re not done with teenagers.  But, in the eyes of the law, we’re parents of adults.  Four of them.  Plus two daughters-in-law.

It feels different, being on the other side of parenting teens.


What can I say to parents of teens that are in the thick of it?  There are no guarantees that things will turn out okay.  The fears are real.

Hang in there.

Don’t lose heart.

Stay close to Jesus.

Look for some prayer partners.

Extend lots of grace– to yourself and to them.


Enjoy the moment.

Trust God.

Cut the cord.  Give them space to be who they are.

Require them to make contributions to the family and the church.

Trust them with responsibility.

Driving and dating are challenging.

A history of expecting obedience helps a lot.

Good communication takes work.  Keep growing.  It’s a lifetime challenge.


That’s all I’ve got.  God is faithful.  The journey is good.

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Thirteen

  1. Kristen Calizo

    Love these phrases! Simple truths.
    Teens can tell if we are enjoying them and their journey. I find that it’s a choice. We just started the teen-parenting thing. 14 more years to go!

  2. Michelle

    Good words on teens. Mine are 16 and 19. I have loved the teenage years (despite the hormone-inducing mood swings, although I’m pre-menopause so I can give it too). Congratulations on launching your fourth! FMF20


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