Five Minute Friday: Support

How can it be Friday already?

Headed out this morning to Tribe Conference in Tennessee.  Yep. Nervous. Yep. Excited.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the FMF gang.


When Moses was too tired to lift his hands, he needed the support of his friends, Aaron and Hur.
It was critical to the mission that Moses had his hands lifted during the battle, because the troops would win as long as his hands were lifted.

But the reality remains:

He couldn’t do it alone.

We can’t do it alone.

Sometimes we’re the ones on the roof, ripping apart roof tiles, lowering our friend down into the room to have access to Jesus.

Sometimes we’re the ones on the cot being lowered down.

It’s easier on our pride to be the ones helping, to be in partnership with the Savior.

It’s hard to be the needy one. Devoid of strength, lacking even the resources to help ourselves.

We want to be the Good Samaritan, even if it means helping the unlovely.

What we don’t want to be is the one on the side of the road, beaten past the point of helping ourselves.

God help us to help others


give us the humility to receive help when we’re helpless.



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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Support

  1. Annie

    I love this, Beth. It does feel easier to give help than to admit I need it… But, I am always amazed at God’s community and support when I take those steps to seek that help. (Visiting from FMF)

  2. Lemon

    Love this interesting perspective, the yingyang effect of support. It is often easier to be the helper and not the helped…and yet life has valleys and mountains that we need help paddling in the valley and climbing the mountain. #FMF – Lemon


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