Five Minute Friday: Simplify

Well, Christmas officially ended (even though our tree is still up) when we took our college kid to the airport.

Our weather has been crazy– snow, warm days and freezing rain.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday crew.

Writing five minutes on a word prompt. Today’s word is simplify.


I mentally cringe when I think of the word “simplify”.

It reminds me of purge and declutter, two things I’m terrible at.

I love the idea of simple living.

But getting there seems impossible.

I think some of it comes down to decision fatigue. Purging and decluttering involves making lots of decisions. I get stuck. I get overwhelmed. I quit.

Attacking paper clutter while a timer is going has helped.

When the timer goes off, I stop. It doesn’t matter if there were decisions I couldn’t make. It doesn’t matter if the job is done. I put in my time and made progress.

Maybe that approach will work in other areas, too.


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