Five Minute Friday: Secret

Happy Friday!

Hope your week was fantastic and your weekend is even better.

Countdown at our house to the last day of school.  Our youngest graduates from high school next month, so we’re ending an era.

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.  This week’s five minute writing prompt is secret.


I can’t remember where I read recently that everyone has three lives:  their public life, their private life and their secret life.

Naturally, it’s easy to think about the secret life being where we harbor the dark secret sins of the heart and mind.

But, it’s also where the unknown victories are won.  Where the resolve begins.  Where the convictions are.

It’s the surrender that no one knows about.  The prying loose of those clenched fingers and giving up control.

It’s the peace that passes understanding, deep in the soul.

It’s the confirmation that we are not alone:  that God is with us and He has a plan.

Not all secrets are dark.  Some are wonderful.

But, every one of them affects our public and private life.  They give us the spring in our step, the whistle on our lips or the scowl on our brow and down turned eyes.

Even if no one knows, we know. And it permeates everything.


P.S.  New on the blog:  What I’m Reading, May 2018, seven book reviews of last month’s books.

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