Five Minute Friday: Rush

We’re finally pulling out of our busiest season at the store.  I’m grateful for the busyness.  I’m grateful that we’re pulling out.

We’re gearing up for a church labor day party at our house on Sunday.  There’s comfort in annual traditions, knowing what to expect.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write full speed for five minutes on the word prompt rush.



Stress. Hustle. Deadlines.

Time crunch. Overwhelm. Too much to do.

Running late. Frustrated. Short temper. Blow a gasket.

At the core of a rushed life sits a tenacious belief that just isn’t true:

We don’t have enough time.

The truth is we DO have enough time.

We have enough time to complete our mission on this planet.

If there’s too much on the list to be completed in 168 hours a week, maybe we need to scratch something off the list.

If we waltz by God-ordained interruptions, maybe we lived too hurried.

Maybe we’re out of step with the Spirit.

Maybe we need to pry our fingers off, one by one and let go of that lie that there’s not enough time.

We don’t have to live rushed.

We can breathe deeply. We can live slowly. We can live fully.


Are you in a season of personal evaluation?  Is a young person in your life unsure about their future?  Try asking the question, How do you want to spend your days?

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