Five Minute Friday: Release

Happy Friday, everyone!

Our week has been relatively slow paced, with just enough time to start planning for our busy summer.

Snow on the ground reminds us that it isn’t truly Spring yet, but the promise is there.

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.

This week’s word is release.


I can’t think of the word release without thinking of fish.

You know the ones you throw back.

They’re too small.  They don’t measure up. You don’t want to keep them.

But, the truth is, the hardest things for me to release are ideas, hopes, dreams and expectations.  And the fears.  Those are hard, too.

I get a death grip on how I think the future should unfold.  Even if it’s just my morning.

It’s hard to let go.

It’s hard to have open hands.  It’s hard to move on to plan b and c and f and g.

Because, we’re programmed to hit numbers.

We want success.

We want plans to work out.

When the reality is, we’re not called to that.

We’re called to faithfulness.

We’re called to trust.

We’re called to deal with heart issues.

Irregardless of numbers.  Irregardless of success.  Irregardless of a plan coming together.

God, help me pry those fingers open.


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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Release

  1. Cindy Wilkins

    Oh Beth, I’m a fixer so if I’d catch those little ones I’d want to cling tightly to them and take care of them until “I” thought they were just right! Haha! I do it in life too. Cling to imagined control. Oh to have hands that opened naturally and let go. I’m definitely a work in progress! I’m hoping to be a graduate of the catch and release program someday!😊 Cindy #fmf


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