Five Minute Friday: Rain

Happy Friday!

It’s been an overcast, drippy day here in northern Indiana.

Perfect for thinking about Kate’s word prompt:  Rain.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.


Would we ever choose the rain, if it were up to us?

Wouldn’t we always choose sunny days?

And, yet, God knows we need the rain for growth.

It’s essential. To have cloudy, overcast days. To have the storms in our lives, even the ones that do damage.

No, we wouldn’t choose them.

Sometimes we have to ride them out. Sometimes we cry out to the One in Control, “Please still the wind and the waves.” Sometimes He does.

Other times He holds us, sustaining us through the worst of it.

We know the rain is essential, even when we don’t choose it.


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