Five Minute Friday: Provide

I don’t know how it could be Friday already and the middle of March.

Thankful for warmer temperatures, the promise of Spring and the hope of Easter.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.


God doesn’t always provide in the way we think He will.

We pray for healing sometimes and He doesn’t heal.

We pray for protection sometimes and we aren’t protected.

We pray for wisdom and direction and still feel lost.

It’s hard to pray for God’s provision when you don’t understand His ways.

And, yet, our beliefs are shaped by our experiences.

Somehow, we have to make sense of what we experience through the grid of what we believe.

Believing in a loving, all-powerful God becomes more difficult when He doesn’t provide in the way that we ask.  How can He be loving?  How can He be all-powerful?  How can He be those things and still deny my requests?  This is what we wrestle with.


P.S.  I surprised myself when I counted up 55 book reviews that I wrote in 2017.  One book emerged as my favorite.  Read about it here.

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