Five Minute Friday: Privilege

Winter is in full force this weekend.  Cold is a pervasive enemy.

See what’s saving my life this winter.

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday Community.

This week’s word is privilege.


I admit it.

I don’t always count it a privilege to serve.

It’s easy to romanticize Mother Teresa’s work, but the reality is, serving is often tiring, uncomfortable and thankless.

Compassion propels you on, an empathy and sympathy for someone in need.

Rather than seek your own comfort, you seek theirs.

And, in the end, all that is needed is perspective.

Because He will give strength to the weary.

And when the journey is complete, the truth will be known.

It’s a privilege to serve.


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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Privilege

  1. Stephanie

    What a great perspective, Beth! It reminds me of the story of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet at the last supper. Because he came to serve, we too, can serve our neighbor.

  2. Barbie

    AMEN! I sometimes get weary in the serving, but after I’ve pushed through I recognize the blessing that comes through serving. I’m in the #61 spot this week.

  3. Janis Cox

    Oh love that.
    And, in the end, all that is needed is perspective.
    Yes – choice, and perspective – Whom do we serve?
    Blessings and nice to be here,
    #46 at FMF

  4. Jerralea MIller

    Good post! It is a privilege to serve, because serving means you’re involved in someone’s life. If there was no one there, no service would be needed. Especially a good thought for a Mom. If I didn’t have a family, I wouldn’t have to serve them, but how awful it would be!


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