Five Minute Friday: Other

It’s Friday.

It’s good to focus on words and images today.  I need this.

Overwhelm is a real thing.

Linking up today with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday Community to write five minutes on a one word prompt.  Today’s word is other.


Two weddings this summer of four people we’re close to makes me philosophical about marriage.

I think we don’t tell enough stories to our young people: the true stories, the tough stuff.  Sometimes it’s the guilt, the awkwardness of the topic, regret, confidentiality.  There’s lots of reason.  But I don’t think we paint a true picture.

Not that there’s not room for naivete.  Idealism has it’s place.

There’s nothing like marriage to bring to light selfishness.  Marriage does involve a heap of sharing, after all.

But, what a perfect place to grow selfless, sacrificial love.

I’m inspired by a picture of it within the five minute friday community.

Andrew is dying of pancreatic cancer.  In the midst of that horror, he’s thinking of Barbara, his wife, and what her life will be life after he’s gone.  The relationships she will need.  The dreams she will pursue.

Without him.

That, friends, is selfless, sacrificial love.

Thinking of the other’s best instead of yourself.

These are the stories we need to tell.  This is what young people need to know.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Other

  1. Joy Lenton

    Hi Beth, you are right. Overwhelm is real and marriage is definitely the best training ground to grow us spiritually. Much can go wrong but we still see beautiful examples of selfless, sacrificial love in action, just as you have described between Andrew and Barbara. To a lesser extent, I can relate to it. My man has Parkinson’s disease but he is also fitter and much stronger than I am. He willingly cooks, cleans and keeps house and home together to enable me (a housebound woman with severe M.E and chronic illness) to fulfil God’s calling on my life to write, and experience the joy of connecting with friends online. Our story has had many painful twists and turns but it has revealed how marriage needs surrender, forgiveness and grace. Blessings on your week. 🙂


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