Five Minute Friday: Need

It’s Friday!  It’s been a week.  All the extremes of emotion.  Stress. Gratitude.

It’s nice to have some constants every week to be anchored to.  Corporate worship on Sundays is one.  Five minute Fridays is another.

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the FMF writers.

This week’s prompt is: Need


What does need feel like?

Thirst and hunger.  A craving desire that consumes.  A focus on the lack rather than the fulfilled.

Humans are no stranger to need.

Every person on the planet can think of a time when the unsatisfied cravings of the body, mind or heart consumed him.

The bigger question is, what do we do when we feel it?

Where do we turn?  How do we try to quench that burning craving?

There is so much that doesn’t satisfy.

So many ways to try to fill that gaping hole that don’t work.

But, so great the relief and peace when the need is satisfied.

When we are filled with what we long for at our very core.  So wonderful.  So blessed.


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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Need

  1. Lori

    Beautiful. I especially love the reminder that need focuses on what we lack. So often it can be filled by what we can give. And in the giving we receive so much from Him.

  2. Joe Siccardi

    Visiting as your FMF neighbor. Corporate worship and Five Minute Fridays are constants … pointing us upward to the ultimate constant. And, Lord knows, we need all three. Good job. It’s the constants that get us through the roller coaster ride of life.


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