Five Minute Friday: Comfort

How can it be Friday again already?

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.  Today’s word is comfort.

How do you comfort someone who has experienced great loss?

In the past few months, we walked with two families in the midst of their loss.

Sometimes there are no words.  Sometimes you sit without words and feel their pain.

Sometimes they want to talk.  Some words ease the pain a bit.  Sometimes a hug helps or the tears you shed that mirrors theirs.

At times like these, there lurks a fear.  The fear of saying the wrong thing, the fear of being inappropriate.  The fear of making their pain worse instead of easing it.

Pushing through the fear to show up, even if you say the wrong thing or unintentionally step on someone’s toes, is the right thing to do.

Showing up lets people know you care, even if you do it imperfectly.

Sitting with them in the middle of the pain is the best way I know to offer comfort.

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Comfort

  1. Tara

    I love that you point to comfort others sometimes the best comfort to someone is to simply offer our presence. Being a word person that is so hard to remember!

  2. Joanne Viola

    Beth, sometimes the best way to comfort is just to be present. No words are necessary when we just show up and love them with the love of Jesus. Prayed for your friends. May God comfort them in their loss and continue to use you to bring His comfort. Blessings!


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