Five Minute Friday: Burden

It’s been a good week.  Finally feeling back in the groove.

Thankful that God allows us to express creativity in so many different ways, including blog posts on the internet.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday crew.

This week’s word prompt is burden.  


I took a brand new suitcase on our trip to the DR last month.

It was something we picked up last year doing Christmas shopping for our kids.  As it turned out, we didn’t give it, we kept it.

The suitcase has four wheels and boy is it slick to push around those airport hallways.  Pete was pulling an old suitcase with two beat up wheels.  More of a monster on ice dynamic.

But, it got me thinking back to the days when you actually had to carry your suitcase by the handle and feel the entire weight of your cargo every step the entire way.

I’m glad we’ve made huge strides in suitcase design.

But it does make me wonder:  Have we made any forward progress in helping people with their emotional baggage?  Are we gaining there?

Maybe we have. But I’d say we still have a ways to go.



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