Feeling Overwhelmed? Time Management for Busy People

At the core of a rushed life sits a tenacious belief that just isn’t true:

We don’t have enough time.

The truth is we DO have enough time.

We have enough time to complete our mission on this planet.

If there’s too much on the list to be completed in 168 hours a week, maybe we need to scratch something off the list.

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Amy Lynn Andrews has a great little ebook on time management called Tell Your Time.

It does the job that some longer and larger books aren’t able to do.

You effectively set up a time budget, and tell your time where to go, just as you would tell your money where to go.

It presents a system of time management that is centered around your the roles you have in life:  parent, spouse, employee.

You prioritize your time by assigning tasks to your roles.

In this way, you time is spent in the way you pre-determine, rather than frittered away, or spent mindlessly or without focus.

The principle of big rocks applies here.

You need to first put in the big rocks of your time and fit in lesser priorities (small rocks, sand and water) in the cracks around.

Being able to handle your schedule is one of the major victories in conquering overwhelm. Deciding ahead of time what you can delete or delegate makes your schedule and responsibilities manageable.

Maybe we need to pry our fingers off, one by one and let go of that lie that there’s not enough time.

We don’t have to live rushed.

We can breathe deeply. We can live slowly. We can live fully.

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