DIY MBA: Teach Yourself Business

DIYMBADon’t have the time or money for a business degree?  Teach yourself business by diving into the resources recommended in The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.


Jack Covert reviews business books at 800-CE0-READ.  Wading through scads of business books every year is only part of the story.  800-CEO-READ is a business success story in itself.  The brick and mortar bookstore, Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops, closed it’s doors but reinvented itself as a successful business by selling business books in bulk as well as becoming an online think tank for current business theory.


Covert operated the business section of the bookstore, and then became the lead business book reviewer after the transition.  Out of his expertise comes the book,  100 Best Business Books of All Time, co-written with  Todd Sattersten.


A lot of the classics are included in the selection, including Good to Great and The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.  But, also included are top books you’ve never heard of.

Book Reviews are organized by category:  You, Leadership, Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Rules and Scorekeeping, Management, Biographies, Entrepreneurship, Narratives, Innovation and Creativity, Big Ideas and Takeaways.

I would love to read them all.  (Maybe a challenge for the future.)  I’d like to read them through some different lenses:  that of a woman, which principles apply to ministry and which shouldn’t, and what applies to small, micro businesses and start-ups.

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