Daring Greatly


(Language Warning)

Brené Brown is the poster child for courage.

She gathers data.  She tells stories.  She uncovers the uncomfortable secrets of whole-hearted living.  And she believes in her own research.  Even when it’s not what she wants to find.

Vulnerability, she discovered, was a critical element to whole-hearted living.  So she became vulnerable.

Her first TED talk went viral, when she talked about her breakdown/ spiritual awakening.    She was so transparent that she had a “vulnerability hangover” for 3 days afterwards.

In contrast to those who tote their own personal experience or anecdotal evidence, Brown’s writing carries the weight of her research behind it.  Much like “Good to Great”, the numbers are impossible to ignore.

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Brené emphasizes the critical element of human connection, the torture of psychological isolation, and the shame that prevents us from connecting.

Dealing with negative emotions is part of the puzzle.  Actually feeling them, instead of letting them fester and numbing them with addictions.

It all rings true.  Even the uncomfortable parts.  Especially the uncomfortable parts.

The transformation in Brené’s  life as a result of believing the research is as fascinating as the research itself.

Highly recommended.

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