Having trouble finding the right Bible for you?

The myriad of choices in Bibles makes purchasing one a daunting task.  How do you know which one is right for you?  Take one step at a time and build on your decisions.

First of all, which version of the Bible do you want?  The King James Version uses old English, similar to Shakespeare, including “thee” and “thou”. Popular Modern English translations include the New International Version, the New Living Translation and the English Standard Version.  The Message Bible is known for using everyday, colloquial English.

Next, decide if you want a study Bible, a reference Bible or a text only Bible.  A study Bible includes study notes written by a Bible scholar or team of scholars who explain and interpret Bible passages.  One of the most popular is the Life Application Bible, which includes notes designed to help you apply the Bible to your life.  A reference Bible includes scripture references that link related passages together.  A text only Bible includes only the scripture without references or notes.

Another consideration to make is the print size of your Bible.  Standard Bible print is a 9 point font, which is smaller than many other books.  For some people, a larger print size is necessary for ease of reading.

Next, decide which binding you want for your Bible.  Paperback Bibles are the most economical, followed by hardback.  More expensive, but more durable are imitation leather, bonded leather and leather.  A leather binding is made from one piece of cowhide, while a bonded leather binding is made from more than one piece of leather that is bonded together.

Finally, you need to decide if you want any extra features in your Bible, such as the words of Jesus in red, your name imprinted on the Bible or thumb indexing.

Step by step, the right Bible for you.

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