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Five Minute Friday: Rush

We’re finally pulling out of our busiest season at the store.  I’m grateful for the busyness.  I’m grateful that we’re pulling out.

We’re gearing up for a church labor day party at our house on Sunday.  There’s comfort in annual traditions, knowing what to expect.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write full speed for five minutes on the word prompt rush.



Stress. Hustle. Deadlines.

Time crunch. Overwhelm. Too much to do.

Running late. Frustrated. Short temper. Blow a gasket.

At the core of a rushed life sits a tenacious belief that just isn’t true:

We don’t have enough time.

The truth is we DO have enough time.

We have enough time to complete our mission on this planet.

If there’s too much on the list to be completed in 168 hours a week, maybe we need to scratch something off the list.

If we waltz by God-ordained interruptions, maybe we lived too hurried.

Maybe we’re out of step with the Spirit.

Maybe we need to pry our fingers off, one by one and let go of that lie that there’s not enough time.

We don’t have to live rushed.

We can breathe deeply. We can live slowly. We can live fully.


Are you in a season of personal evaluation?  Is a young person in your life unsure about their future?  Try asking the question, How do you want to spend your days?

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Five Minute Friday: Thirteen

Happy, Friday to you!

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.

Today’s word prompt is thirteen.

I admit I was stumped.  I thought about turning thirteen, the unique teen years and the privilege of parenting teenagers.  Our youngest graduated from high school in June.  He’s 18, so technically we’re not done with teenagers.  But, in the eyes of the law, we’re parents of adults.  Four of them.  Plus two daughters-in-law.

It feels different, being on the other side of parenting teens.


What can I say to parents of teens that are in the thick of it?  There are no guarantees that things will turn out okay.  The fears are real.

Hang in there.

Don’t lose heart.

Stay close to Jesus.

Look for some prayer partners.

Extend lots of grace– to yourself and to them.


Enjoy the moment.

Trust God.

Cut the cord.  Give them space to be who they are.

Require them to make contributions to the family and the church.

Trust them with responsibility.

Driving and dating are challenging.

A history of expecting obedience helps a lot.

Good communication takes work.  Keep growing.  It’s a lifetime challenge.


That’s all I’ve got.  God is faithful.  The journey is good.

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Five Minute Friday: Vacation Envy

I’ve been MIA from Five Minute Friday due to our youngest son’s high school graduation, our middle son’s wedding an a half century celebration for my husband.

Good stress.

This week’s word prompt is a good reminder to me to be thankful.  Gratitude is a habit that can be developed and can be lost.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write on the word prompt vacation.


Boatloads of articles have been written on the impact of social media on our society.

There’s nothing like scrolling through exotic vacation pictures to stir up feelings of envy.

And, yet, that’s not the intent.  Friends aren’t trying to make you envious.  They’re just sharing the joy.

Which brings me to the struggle of contentment.  Is it okay that someone else has something that you don’t?  Can you still be content with your life?  Or do you want someone else’s?  Can you see the blessings you have without comparing them to others?

Can you develop a attitude of gratitude that allows you to rejoice with those who are joyful?  Even if it isn’t you?

It’s a mindset that can be groomed, with supernatural help.


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Five Minute Friday: Secret

Happy Friday!

Hope your week was fantastic and your weekend is even better.

Countdown at our house to the last day of school.  Our youngest graduates from high school next month, so we’re ending an era.

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.  This week’s five minute writing prompt is secret.


I can’t remember where I read recently that everyone has three lives:  their public life, their private life and their secret life.

Naturally, it’s easy to think about the secret life being where we harbor the dark secret sins of the heart and mind.

But, it’s also where the unknown victories are won.  Where the resolve begins.  Where the convictions are.

It’s the surrender that no one knows about.  The prying loose of those clenched fingers and giving up control.

It’s the peace that passes understanding, deep in the soul.

It’s the confirmation that we are not alone:  that God is with us and He has a plan.

Not all secrets are dark.  Some are wonderful.

But, every one of them affects our public and private life.  They give us the spring in our step, the whistle on our lips or the scowl on our brow and down turned eyes.

Even if no one knows, we know. And it permeates everything.


P.S.  New on the blog:  What I’m Reading, May 2018, seven book reviews of last month’s books.

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Five Minute Friday: Include

It’s a cool and rainy Friday in these parts.

This week I find I’m fighting the age old struggle between panic and trust.  Some moments are better than others.

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write for five minutes on the word prompt include.


Every Mother’s Day our ministry team discusses what to do to honor mothers at church.

The big conversation in ministry circles continues about how to honor mothers without making women who want to be mothers but aren’t feel left out.

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a longing to be included in a group that you’re standing outside of.  The married ones.  The mothers.  The rich.  The thin.  The healthy.

The pull is strong, the desire is deep to be in the middle of the group.  Sometimes it’s painful not to be there.  We know what it’s like.  We’ve all been there for one reason or another.  So, we can empathize.

But we forget that everyone has their own journey.

The groups we are in right now are where we’re supposed to be.  We can turn over that longing, that desire to be on the other side of the fence.  We can ask for contentment.

We can choose to open up our hands and accept where we are right now.  In this moment.

We don’t have to be in a group to be satisfied.




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Five Minute Friday: Adapt

It’s Friday!  Lots of good stress in my life right now.  And some of the regular kind as well.

I turned 51 this week.  Birthdays are a good time to reflect on blessings.  I am truly blessed.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write for five minutes on the word prompt adapt.


When you adapt, you make adjustments to your environment.

I’ve read recently that the frog in the boiling pot of water is all wrong. That doesn’t really happen.

I don’t know.

I do know it’s easy to make adaptions to culture and eventually blend in when you should stand out.

“Don’t be conformed to the world.”

It has to be a conscious choice, because the path of least resistance is conformity.

It’s a continual choice. Which path are we taking? Whose voice are we listening to?


After I finished writing for five minutes and was looking for an image, I remembered the modern translation of that verse, “Don’t let the world squeeze you into it’s mold,” and contrasted that with the potter’s hands skillfully creating beauty.

What a difference.

P.S. I had somewhat of an epiphany this week thinking about the image of pulling up stakes at a campsite.  It so parallels the transitions I’ve experienced personally.

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Five Minute Friday: Turn

Lots of ups and downs this week.  Don’t even know how to talk about it.

The weather has been very slow to warm up, and I fear when it does, it will go straight to hot.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write for five minutes on the word of the week:  turn.


Repent means to make a u turn.

To do a complete 180 and head the other direction.

I think we don’t realize sometimes how hard it is to change.

Even trying to add a few good habits or eliminate a few bad ones.

It’s really, really hard.

It usually takes a miracle.  A work of God in the heart.

The saying “turn over a new leaf” makes it sound so easy.  Like rolling over.

But, it’s only easy if you submit.  If you let the Power of Universe do the turning, while you give up your will.

Our job is to be willing.  To get to the point of surrender. To let the Master work.


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Five Minute Friday: Other

It’s Friday.

It’s good to focus on words and images today.  I need this.

Overwhelm is a real thing.

Linking up today with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday Community to write five minutes on a one word prompt.  Today’s word is other.


Two weddings this summer of four people we’re close to makes me philosophical about marriage.

I think we don’t tell enough stories to our young people: the true stories, the tough stuff.  Sometimes it’s the guilt, the awkwardness of the topic, regret, confidentiality.  There’s lots of reason.  But I don’t think we paint a true picture.

Not that there’s not room for naivete.  Idealism has it’s place.

There’s nothing like marriage to bring to light selfishness.  Marriage does involve a heap of sharing, after all.

But, what a perfect place to grow selfless, sacrificial love.

I’m inspired by a picture of it within the five minute friday community.

Andrew is dying of pancreatic cancer.  In the midst of that horror, he’s thinking of Barbara, his wife, and what her life will be life after he’s gone.  The relationships she will need.  The dreams she will pursue.

Without him.

That, friends, is selfless, sacrificial love.

Thinking of the other’s best instead of yourself.

These are the stories we need to tell.  This is what young people need to know.


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Five Minute Friday: Release

Happy Friday, everyone!

Our week has been relatively slow paced, with just enough time to start planning for our busy summer.

Snow on the ground reminds us that it isn’t truly Spring yet, but the promise is there.

Linking up again with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community.

This week’s word is release.


I can’t think of the word release without thinking of fish.

You know the ones you throw back.

They’re too small.  They don’t measure up. You don’t want to keep them.

But, the truth is, the hardest things for me to release are ideas, hopes, dreams and expectations.  And the fears.  Those are hard, too.

I get a death grip on how I think the future should unfold.  Even if it’s just my morning.

It’s hard to let go.

It’s hard to have open hands.  It’s hard to move on to plan b and c and f and g.

Because, we’re programmed to hit numbers.

We want success.

We want plans to work out.

When the reality is, we’re not called to that.

We’re called to faithfulness.

We’re called to trust.

We’re called to deal with heart issues.

Irregardless of numbers.  Irregardless of success.  Irregardless of a plan coming together.

God, help me pry those fingers open.


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Five Minute Friday: Settle

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

How glorious to celebrate the greatest event in history.

Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to write for five minutes on the word prompt settle.


I have not read Megyn Kelly’s autobiography, Settle For More, but I resonate with the message.

Apparently, Megyn was inspired by a quote from Dr Phil when he said, “The only difference between you and someone you envy is that you settle for less.”

She took it to heart and started expecting more of herself and her career.

I resonate with that because I believe to my core that we were created for abundant life.

I also believe we experience it much, much less than God intended.

Why is that?

Maybe because we believe lies about ourself.  Or lies about life. Or even lies about God.

Maybe we carry too many worries instead of laying them down.

Maybe we strive and over plan and manipulate when we should be resting, being still and waiting.

Whatever causes it,  I know I want life abundant.

Maybe I won’t be doing it Megyn’s way, but I know I want to settle for more.


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