Book Review of A Single Shard

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A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park is a uniquely compelling story appealing to young and old alike.

Tree-ear is an orphan who lives with Crane-Man under a bridge. He’s fascinated by the work of a  master potter in the village and dreams of the day when he can throw a pot on the wheel. Twelfth century Korea sets the stage for an inside look at the art of pottery, honorable poverty and the cries of an orphan boy’s heart.

There’s so many positive life lessons taught in the story. The value of work, instead of stealing or begging. Take care of each other. Give to those in need. Preserve the dignity and honor of others. Don’t give up on your dreams. Be loyal to friends and family. Don’t take ideas that you learned from stealth or thievery. 

I love this story. I love what it teaches. Highly recommended for all ages, beginning about age 6 or 7 as a read aloud. 

The audio version read by Graeme Malcolm is excellent. The listening length is 3 hours and 12 minutes. 

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