Blogging Saved My Life. Twice.


My first blog was therapy.

I’m not the first person to admit that they don’t know what they’re thinking until they write. I also don’t know what I’m feeling until I write.  I have to write to process my thoughts and make sense of my life.  That’s what my first blog did for me.  I found a measure of peace by processing through the keyboard.  I needed to go back to some chapters of my life that tripped me up.  I needed to commit them to black and white and then re-write them.  Because, there’s always a different angle to every story.  You can focus on the black spot on the white page or you can celebrate the white page.

Even though I published my first blog, it wasn’t promoted.  Because, without that anonymity, I wouldn’t have had the freedom to pursue some of those dark corners.  Not that I pursued all of them.  But some of them.

Imagine the twinge of jealousy I felt when I realized some uber successful bloggers started their blogs the same year as mine.  But, they promoted theirs and monetized them and became rich and famous solely by finding the courage to let people read their work.

It’s true.

I’m gutless.

On the other hand, (and here’s a perfect example of re-writing the story) I wouldn’t have reached that measure of peace without the assurance that I was publishing into obscurity.

My second blog was hope.

My second blog (this one) saved my life by giving me hope that I could one day have a profitable career doing something I loved and was passionate about, something that energized me, something that would impact others.

Words and pictures, concepts and ideas, color and beauty and shadow.  These are things I love.  This was a form of self-expression I could get into.

Thankfully, there’s a wealth of free information online for new bloggers.

When I first looked into a monetized blog, Darren Rowse and Ruth Soukup’s advice was the most helpful. I bought both of their books.

Darren’s website, Problogger, has tons of helpful advice for getting started.


Darren Rowse blogs at

Probloggerbook Buy it now from Amazon



Ruth Soukup blogs at

BlogforProfit Buy it now from Amazon


Michael Hyatt’s blog has a tutorial for setting up your own blog, that I followed.


Michael Hyatt blogs at

His book, Platform, gives practical advice for gaining a following through blogging and social media.

Platform Buy it now from Amazon

It is possible to get a blog up and running without a lot of initial investment and there’s a ton of good advice for little or no money.  There’s a lot of “good guys” out there.

Pat Flynn calls himself “the crash dummy for online business”.


Pat Flynn blogs at

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What resources have you found helpful for new bloggers?


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