Birthday Series: Advice to my 39-year-old self

Since I turned 49 this month, I got out the time capsule to send messages back to my 19-year-old self, my 29-year-old self and my 39-year-old self.


It’s okay to pursue more of your own interests, since the kids no longer need you 24/7. Revel in the work that makes you feel alive.


Extend grace to yourself when you can’t get it all done. There’s more rubber balls than glass.  It’s okay to drop a few rubber ones.

Your children will forgive you for mistakes.  Don’t hesitate to ask.

Differentiate between “my child did a bad thing” and “I have a bad child”. Communicate that difference to your child.  Let them know that a one time offense doesn’t define their character.  They can make better choices.

Weekly dates and family night are your lifelines.  Fight to protect them.

Enjoy your new house.  You will miss it.  Appreciate the moment and the blessings of today.  Each season has it’s advantages. Don’t live in the utopian future.


Take charge of your physical health.  Doctors don’t know everything.  Trust your instincts.  Educate yourself through reputable sources.  Don’t stop looking for answers until you’ve achieved optimum health.


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