31 Day Trim Healthy Mama Challenge


I’ve been flirting with the Trim Healthy Mama Plan for a couple years now.

I got the first book, the 600+ page one, and half-heartedly tried to follow it.  But, I ran into some obstacles.

First of all, some of the special ingredients advocated are expensive.

Secondly, it takes planning.  Winging it doesn’t work well.  I’m winging it a lot in my life right now.

Since it’s a long-term, eat right for life plan, an on again off again approach isn’t going to see results.

thmplanbook Trim Healthy Mama Plan, the new book.

I love learning a new strategy for doing life better in any area.  Follow through, being consistent day after day– not so much.

Since I know this is a weakness, I decided to challenge myself to stick to the plan 100% for a relatively short amount of time 31 days (the whole month of January). If I can plan ahead for success, knowing that it will only last a limited amount  of time, maybe I can see the results that I wasn’t seeing before.

There are lots of websites and blogs out there to help those eating the THM way.  Some do focus on staying on plan even if you’re on a tight budget.  Darcie’s Dishes posts some weekly menus that don’t require special ingredients.

There are official  Facebook  groups, also:  a general group for anyone on THM, a group for beginners, a group for frugal mamas.

THM has started an affiliate program, so I will include affiliate links back to their store for books and products that they sell.

thmcookbook Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

I will post a weekly update on how I’m doing, as an accountability measure for me and, hopefully, an encouragement to you.

The ultimate purpose of this site is to encourage people who want to change their lives.  I truly believe that we can reimagine our story– that we can create a different ending.  We don’t have to end up where we’re headed.  Personal testimonials are powerful.  We can draw hope from stories of those who have climbed the mountain we’re trying to scale.  Their tips, their truths, their encouragement can help us.


So, here I am.  Fellow journeyer.  Trying again. Adding some elements.  Reimagining my own story.  Grab a walking stick.  We’re in this together.

(Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  At no extra cost to you, a small percentage of your purchase helps to maintain the expenses of this site.)

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