3 Things I Learned, Summer 2018

Linking up with Emily Freeman to share what we’ve learned.

Even good stress can take it’s toll.

This has been a stressful summer. Mostly good stress.  Graduation hoopla.  Wedding bells.  Lots of good stuff.

I’ve learned I need time off to prepare and recuperate from the big events.  I don’t have the physical and social energy to go 24/7 without some down time.

Middle grade novels are good reads when you’re stressed, because they’re easy to follow.  I shared a list of my favorites here.

I crank up my list making when I’m stressed. It’s a survival strategy that serves me well.

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Home organization and financial peace are connected.  Who knew?

I signed up for Rosemarie’s Budget Boot Camp and learned that disorganization can cause you to overspend.  This is a truth that seems so obvious once you have it pointed out.

Rosemarie hits a very pressing problem:  everyone’s too busy to budget.

So, how is this program different from other budgeting programs? First of all, it’s not just about budget. It’s about looking at the whole picture–you’re net worth as well as home organization. Because a lack of home organization is causing you to spend more than you should.

Not being focused on your goals is causing you to spend money on things you want less at the expense of things you want more.

It necessitates a shift in thought, too, from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality.

Rosemarie’s story is compelling.  Her advice is actionable.

In depth Bible Studies are one of my favorite ways to learn. 

When we lived in Mexico, I did Beth Moore Bible Studies with a group.  I loved doing them, especially the homework.  Homework has rarely been a problem for me.  Housework is a different story.

This summer, I had a Priscilla Shirer workbook dropped in my lap.  The study is Discerning the Voice of God.

It’s so good to be soaking up truth again in this format.

In this study, I’ve been reminded that God reveals Himself in his own timing. It’s his job to reveal his message. It’s our job to listen and obey. We can’t demand to know when we want to know.

I’ve done this study without the watching the video sessions.  It works. You can still learn a lot.  But, it’s nice to have the video sessions as well.

That’s why I’m excited about the free video sessions for Beth Moore’s study called The Quest.

FREE!!  Video sessions for Beth Moore’s study: The Quest.  For a limited time only. After September, they will be available to purchase.

Join me in the journey for a more intimate relationship with God.  Order the workbook here.

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I love learning new things.

What have you learned this summer?



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