10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Bestsellers


  1. You can check them out from the a library instead.
  2. Your taste in books is individual.  Just because the masses like it, doesn’t mean you will.  The masses can be deceived.readcool
  3. Bestsellers aren’t necessarily the best books.  They might be well marketed.  They might have been released during  a “dead spot” with no significant competition.
  4. New authors need your support more than established authors.
  5. Get book recommendations from someone you trust, rather than a bestsellers list. (Modern Mrs. Darcy, Read Aloud Revival)                                                AnneBogel
  6. Read what your friends are reading.  They’re your friends for a reason– you have common interests and values.
  7. Check out Amazon and Goodreads reviews to find favorites in your favorite genre and books similar to your favorites.
  8. Take a good look at the people endorsing the book.  If you trust them, you can buy with more confidence.girlreading
  9. Best selling hardback books will eventually come out in paperback and sometimes, more economically, in mass market paperback.  If you are patient and vigilant, you might be able to catch the e-book on sale.
  10. Some bestsellers you will love.  Some are well written and sell lots of copies for good reasons.  Just be choosy.

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